Friday Resus Ready First Aid Trivia

Trivia 11 - How to treat a sprained ankle


The Scenario:

You are our for your morning job and accidently roll your ankle.  Thankfully you are not far from your house and manage to hobble home. You remember the first aid for a sprained ankle is RICE.

You REST your foot, put ICE wrapped ina  tea towel on it, wrap your ankle in a COMPRESSION bandage and then…

Option 1: ELEVATE the foot by placing it on a chair in front of your while you sit on the couch

Option 2: ELEVATE the foot by lying down with your foot resting on a stack of pillows


Trivia 10 - How do you treat a nose bleed?


The question:

Having a blood nose is something that we have all experienced at some point in our life. So for this weeks trivia question my question to you is this…  How do you treat a blood nose?


Option 1: Pinch the bridge of the nose and tilt the head BACK


Option 2: Pinch the bridge of the nose and tilt the head FORWARD


Trivia 9 - Is CPR different on a pregnant lady?


The question:

We would never want to be in this situation BUT if we had to perform compressions on a pregnant lady should we do anything different?


Option 1: No, Continue CPR as normal


Option 2: Yes, place a rolled up jacket or something soft under her right hip and continue CPR as normal

Trivia 8 - Do you clear an airway with your fingers?

The scenario:

You cross the road you find a person lying on the footpath, they are unconscious and not breathing normally.  You call 000 and an ambulance is on the way.  You then check their airway and see an object lodged right in the back of their throat.  What should you do?

 Option 1: Open their mouth wide, try and use two fingers to reach in and remove the object

 Option 2: Commence CPR

Trivia 7 - Do you temporarily stop CPR to put on defibrillation pads?


The question:

Do you temporarily stop CPR to put on defibrillation pads?

Option 1: Yes, to ensure that they are stuck on correctly

Option 2: No, compressions must continue

Trivia 6 - Does the speed of compressions matter?

 The question:

When providing compressions during CPR, performing compressions as fast as you can means more blood is pumped around the body

Option 1: True

Option 2: Fasle

Trivia 5 - 1st Mar 2019 - Do you need to be trained to use an Automated External Defibrillator?

Scenario: You are playing football with your friend on your local community footy oval when your friend suddenly collapses, they are unconscious, not breathing so you start CPR.  Your other friend runs and grabs the defibrillator from the community center and brings it to you.  Neither of you know how to use a defib.  Are you allowed to use a defibrillator if you haven’t been trained to?

Option 1 – Yes, anyone can use a defibrillator

Option 2 – No, you need to have at least a first aid certificate to use a defibrillator


Trivia 4 - 22nd Feb 2019 - Do we clean a snake bite wound?

Scenario: You are out bush-walking with your friend when she accidentally steps on a snake that rears up and bites her on the leg before slithering off.  You have your snake bit kit with you.  What should you do to the bite wound?

Option 1 – Ask her to sit and stop moving. Call for help. Roll up her pants leg to expose the wound, clean it to get the venom off to stop it from spreading and then apply a tight bandage to the area.

Option 2 – Ask her to sit and stop moving. Call for help. Kepp her pants leg down, leave the bite as is and apply a tight bandage to the area.

Trivia 3 - 15th Feb 2019 - Airway management for motor vehicle accidents

Scenario: You see a car has crashed into a concrete barrier and you see a man with his head slumped forward on the steering wheel, he is not moving and you hear him gasping in air with every breath he takes.  What would you do until the ambulance arrives?

Option 1 – Do nothing, he’s kind of breathing and you don’t want to damage his spine

Option 2 – Provide head tilt to open his airway more. Even if this means potentially injuring his spine

Trivia 2 - 8th Feb 2019 - Icepack on a Head Injury

Scenario: You are walking down the street and walk head first into a pole. You get home and have a pretty sore head but no open wounds.  Is it ok to put an icepack on your head?

Option 1 – Yes, it will help with pain and swelling

Option 2 No, it is dangerous and can damage brain cells

Trivia 1 - 1st Feb 2019 - Choking

Scenario: You see your friend choking on a grape. She is coughing loudly and pointing to her throat.  What is the correct first aid response?

Option 1 – the Heimlich Maneuver

Option 2 – nothing, reassure her, wait and see if she can cough it up herself.


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