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Friday Resus Ready First Aid Trivia

Trivia 3 - 15th Feb 2019 - Airway management for motor vehicle accidents

Scenario: You see a car has crashed into a concrete barrier and you see a man with his head slumped forward on the steering wheel, he is not moving and you hear him gasping in air with every breath he takes.  What would you do until the ambulance arrives?

Option 1 – Do nothing, he’s kind of breathing and you don’t want to damage his spine

Option 2 – Provide head tilt to open his airway more. Even if this means potentially injuring his spine

Trivia 2 - 8th Feb 2019 - Icepack on a Head Injury

Scenario: You are walking down the street and walk head first into a pole. You get home and have a pretty sore head but no open wounds.  Is it ok to put an icepack on your head?

Option 1 – Yes, it will help with pain and swelling

Option 2 No, it is dangerous and can damage brain cells

Trivia 1 - 1st Feb 2019 - Choking

Scenario: You see your friend choking on a grape. She is coughing loudly and pointing to her throat.  What is the correct first aid response?

Option 1 – the Heimlich Maneuver

Option 2 – nothing, reassure her, wait and see if she can cough it up herself.


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Resus Ready uses choking simulation manikins where you can practice your back blows and chest thrusts to remove an object that is lodged in the manikins airway. The more people that know how to do first aid the safer our workplaces and communities are.